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SQL Server Basics for VMware – Part 2 – Backup

In part one of our series, we looked at installing Ola’s stored procedures and running the basic database optimization scripts. Now that we have Ola’s scripts installed, let’s take an opportunity to get some basic...

VMware VMA 5 customization 3

VMware VMA 5 customization

In my last post I covered some of the basics of setting up the VMA to connect to your VMware infrastructure. I’d like to get into a few extra customizations after finding what worked best...

Setting up VMware VMA Fastpath Locations 0

Setting up VMware VMA Fastpath Locations

Getting going with the VMA for my VCAP-DCA5 and decided to take some notes on using the VMA: Default usernames and passwords after deploying the .ovf file: username: vi-admin password: set at device deployment...